Thermographic analysis with UAVs

drones-2-300x174By means of the termal inspection with uavs, it´s possible to detect the failures or hot spots existing in a solar panel.

Performing a fast inspection in order to detect these hot spots is very important, since in a roof or a ground where hundreds of modules can be together becomes near impossible to detect them with a traditional method, though it would not be reliable neither by time and cost.

A hot spot can appear in a photovoltaic module´s cell due that there´s an excess of heating in a joint, in the same cell or in the string cabling. This is caused to an increased current by some reason, which in case of not fixing it, will become into a definitively damaged cell or cabling, and furtherly, decreasing the power output of that module from 33% to 100%. In the worst case, a short circuit and fire can happen.

If a panel has breakdowns caused by hot spots, thanks to the thermographic diagnostic and subsequent analysis of the data, a report will be created for asking for the manufacturer the warranty coverage.


In Carlotrón Solar, we have the license of the National Air Security Agency (AESA), which allows to perform thermography aerial works with UAVs complying with the current legislation.

For the development of the Works, a UAV DJI Inspire with thermal camera Flir TAU 2 is used.

Here you can watch a short video where it´s appreciated the damaged panels with hot pots.

If you are thinking in performing a thermographic analysis for your solar installation, don´t hesitate to contact us.





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